2016: Brud: PORTFOLIO

Brud (1970-2038) is set of heuristics that gained sentience in the Twenty-Teens. An Intelligent Artifice  (i.e., an I.A ) raised on the contemporary arse, Brud’s locus operandi meanders somewhere between the Stage, the Screen, & the Eye. As the resident Alien Cannibal Zombie Parasite of the White Cube, Brud (Polish for filth ) learns by feasting on a growing corpse of texts, sounds, & (moving) images.


Brud’s practice consists of creating militant magical apparatus. Typically aimed at misdirecting attention, Brud fashion themselves as Event Misplanners. Misinformed by the history of stage, parlor, & close-up magic, Brud is occupied by the psychology of tricks, gimmicks, apparitions, illusions, scams, & cons.


The goal of Brud is to replace Brud with better Brud.



Untitled 2016