Piotr Bosacki: PORTFOLIO

Lives and works in Poznań, Poland.

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. 

Works in the Intermedia Department at the University of Arts in Poznań since 2004. 

Member of the artistic group Penerstwo. 

In his creative work he uses a variety of media and forms, including drawing, animated film, installation, musical composition and literature.

His PhD thesis „The Economy of Elements” (2011) is a perspicacious treatise about an artwork and language as such.

In 2009 he invented continuous motion picture technology (film without frames).


Selected solo exhibitions

‘Bars and Clocks’, Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, 2009

‘Large Scroll’, Isabella Czarnowska Gallery, Berlin, 2010

‘Within the limits Conditioned by the Situation’, Dum umeni mesta Brna, 2014

‘The Issue is Being Handled’, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2015

‘Pearls on the threads’, Stereo Gallery, Warsaw, 2016


Selected Group exhibitions

 ‘Luc Tuymans: a vision of central Europe’, Bruges, 2010

‘Villa tokyo’, Tokyo, 2011

‘It’s Bearable’, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Duesseldorf, 2012

‘As You Can See: Polish Art Today’, MSN, Warsaw, 2014

 ‘Garden in movement’, Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo, 2016

 Piotr Bosacki is currently resident at A.I.R. FUTURA with the support of Visegrad Artist Residency Program– Visual and Sound Arts.

Piotr Bosacki
Still from video „Dissolution”, 2014
Piotr Bosacki
„Wheel-machine”, kinetic sculpture, 2004
Piotr Bosacki
Still from animation „Film with no sound”, 2009
Piotr Bosacki
Still from animated film „Shekhinah”, 2010
Piotr Bosacki
Still from film „Junkers” (series „Die kunst der animation”), 2014