2018: Lorde Selys: Second Right

From 6th to 26th of October 2018, for her residency at Karlin Studios

Lorde Selys will be showcasing old and in progress film works and writings

As an open Studio/Salon/Office/Repository/Performance & Screening room.

On your second right, when you enter Karlin Studios.


Currently on screen: 

1. Spring Cleaning / 9 min / 2009

Documentary video about an emblematic leisure zone on the flanks of Beirut, the "Sporting club", during low season, where different social bodies and physical matters get in close contact.

Narrative on the relations of construction and erasement of space.

2. The Ragpicker, the film crew and the city / 6 min / 2011

This video is an accumulation of sequence shots where the film crew and the garbage collecting company share the same frame with the city as a background. It seems they are both working each one of them in their own manner, for the same sake; the representation of the city. Media and garbage.

3. Sorties (Picnic+Exodus) / 19 min / 2014

Sorties is a video project that includes potential leaking versions of different content and durations to be seen in screenings or on the web.

These photographs representing artworks are used as pretext, interface to speak of something else, of a here and now, namely Beirut, in it’s contemporaneity, made of de-phased narratives. A body of words made of several voices serves as a subtext and partition that is then interpreted, translated into connected and disconnected filmed spaces in the city.

This version of Sorties is a videographic essay which formalises here two types of drift:

Picnic (12 min) and Exodus (6 min).

Words (excerpts from the interview of 13 people) were composed into a score as to orientate one's gaze through the city, oscillating between the collective and personal, the remembering and the projecting. The two parted film works as a spacial loop from and out the art institution, as a point of visualisation for anachronistic and anatopic events, underlying both the permeability and opacity between a place of representation such as an art center and its neighbourhood, the city.

Sorties was commissioned by the Beirut Art Center, Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger for the project Atlas, Suites.  Sorties stands also as an audio-visual anagram for Stories.

4. Notes on a Post-Work Shop / 9 min / 2016

Wandering around the ruins of a post-industrial Scandinavian city, a group of "creatives" are attending a workshop on notions such as: full automation, the future of capitalism and a “world after work”. Among them; a dancer, a musician and a dog are playing and improvising with surfaces, vibrations and objects. The camera reads and visualises the apparent opposition between critical thinking and sensual touching, techno-political speculations and ancestral gestures. A fish dies.

Notes_on_a_Post-Work_Shop, video still, 2016.jpg
Notes_on_a_Post-Work_Shop, video still, 2016.jpg