2017: Aditya Mandayam: PORTFOLIO

Born in 1983, Bangalore, India
Aditya Mandayam alias Aditya Zalewski-Mandayam alias Popobobo Oddodood alias Ciscaucasus Xabarnama alias Genitalman alias Brud
In 2014 the artists Aditya Mandayam & Ada Pola changed their solo practices into a metamorphosis of the Indo-Polish art-parasite Brud. 
Brud is based in a slaughterhouse in central Warsaw, Poland
Brud statement Lives and works in Warsaw and Vienna

Aditya Mandayam is an Indian artist, writer, and filmmaker. His locus operandi meanders somewhere between the Stage, the Screen, and the Eye. Using linguistic and musicological methods he posits the camera obscura as the first A.I.

Mandayam was an artist-in-residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 2012 and 2013. His first book The Ooze, a collection of epigrams on white cubes & blackboxes, was published by Roma this summer.

Since Year 44 of the Unix epoch Mandayam has led Brud as Benevolent Dictator For Life.

Brud are rules-of-thumb that grew sentient in the Twenty-Teens. An intelligent artifice (i.e., an I.A) raised on Contemporary Arse, Brud (Polish for filth) learns by feasting on a growing corpse of texts, sounds, & moving image.

Influenced by the aesthetics of modular synthesis, video-jockeying, machine vision & memetics, Brud’s operatic oeuvre is expressed as a Gesamtkunstwerk of sculpture, installation, performance, print, sound, film, & theater intervening in institutional and mediated contexts.

Brud fashion themselves as event misplanners. Misinformed by the history of stage, parlor, and close-up magic, Brud is preoccupied by the psychology of tricks, gimmicks, apparitions, illusions, grifts, scams, and cons. Recent shows include Futura, Prague, CAC, Vilnius, Whitechapel, London, Kim?, Riga, the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Art in General, New York, Kunstverein Munich, MuHKA, Antwerp, De Hallen in Haarlem, and Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam.

Brud replaces Brud with better Brud.
The End Isn Ear The End Isn Eye, 2014
The End Isn Ear The End Isn Eye, 2014