2017: Fabienne Bideaud : Curator in residence: PORTFOLIO

Art historian Fabienne Bideaud is based in Paris, where she works as an independent curator. She is the winner of numerous prizes for contemporary art, including the Contemporary Art award by the foundation of Geneva 's State ( FCAC ), and in the fall of 2014, prepared in collaboration with the artist Donatella Bernardi in Geneva, the exhibition entitled Smoking Up Ambition . In 2012-2013, she was the guest curator of the space La Box at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bourges, where together with artist Ann Guillaume, she developed a program called "I'm not finished with the object". She currently participates in the exchange program that includes curators between France and Germany under the name "Young Curators", organized by the French Institute in Berlin and the Goethe Institute. Since 2010, Bideaud has implemented a number of exhibitions : Metro Carré (Paris ), Le champ de dispersion (Paris ) Ready for fatality ? (Berlin ). She has worked at art schools such as the Royal Institute of Art inStockholm or Ensa Bourges, and completed a curatorial residency in Gwangju, South Korea. She is primarily interested in local art scenes, their relationships, production models and theoretical , social , political and economic backgrounds.Fabienne Bideaud's curatorial residency was made possible by collaboration with the French Institute and the French Institute in Prague.