2019: Sári Ember: PORTFOLIO

Sári Ember (1985, São Paulo, lives and works in Budapest) graduated with a degree in photography from the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest. 
Her practice embraces a variety of media, she has recently mostly worked with stone and ceramics, textile,  photography and paper collage. Working with materials with a strong symbolic value, and quoting forms from a big variety of references, she uses the narrative capacity of constellations of objects. 
She often questions the nature of representation. Recently, her interest has been drawn toward more abstract images and the creation of hybrid images through the examination and consequent deconstruction of such classic genres as portraiture. 
Starting from personal and collective stories, her installations offer interpretations of parallel stories of memories, traditions, and rituals. 

She took part in various residency programmes, such as Contretype in Brussels (2012), Casa Tomada (2013) and in LabMIS and Tofiq House (2014) in São Paulo, Litomyšl Symposium in Czech Republic (2018) and Museumsquartier in Vienna (2019). Her works have been exhibited internationally both in solo and group exhibitions for example in São Paulo, Paris, Lodz, Brno, Berlin, Bratislava and Budapest. In 2017 she received the Campari Art Prize In Torino, and in 2019 the Leopold Bloom Prize in Hungary. 


The residency is supported by Visegrad Artist Residency Program – Visual and Sound Arts